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This is really exciting, I've been waiting for someone to combine all of the various deployment technologies like this for a while.

However... If I set up my servers manually, or even through chef, I have pretty intimate knowledge of how my apps are being deployed. I know the various pipes data goes through, software versions, what services are running, etc. In other words, I have a pretty reasonable mental model of my deployment architecture. This is especially helpful when troubleshooting. However while the magic of Deis looks like a godsend, I am very caution about upgrading my technical debt from "managing my app servers, load balancer, and db servers" to "managing a PaaS that I happen to run my app on". I'm not trying to do ops for a Heroku clone, I'm just looking for an easier way to streamline my deployment process. What happens when I run "git push deis master" on a new release and everything breaks? The last thing I want to be doing is searching through the Deis github repo for error strings while my site is down.

Can anyone from the project assuage my fears? I realize this is kind of an open ended question, but a little assurance can go a long way.

Related: What are the planned price ranges for support on this?

I understand the concern about potential black box on the deployment side. Few points 1) this is an open-source project with a relatively small code-base and few moving parts 2) Chef does most of the heavy lifting on the deployment side using Databags and traditional Chef runs and 3) the build/release/run workflow is described here: http://docs.deis.io/en/latest/gettingstarted/concepts/#build...

With regard to support, OpDemand (creator/maintainer of Deis) will be launching paid support and professional services once the project stabilizes. Price points are not set yet. How would you like to see it priced?

Cheaply :)

Thanks for the response, I'll delve into the docs more. What would be really cool would be a snapshot/description of a sample deployment I could look through. A fake ssh session demo in the browser that I can poke around in would be pretty awesome. Reverse engineering chef cookbooks from github isn't exactly an easy way to learn about what a product does.

More specifically as per support pricing, I'd love site licensing as opposed to a per-deployment or per-server setup.

Just a thought: what would fit my needs almost perfectly is some sort of tiered email/forum/ticket based support option, which is upgradeable to phone/dedicated support when I'm doing deployments

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