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Deis is designed for running your own PaaS. You can use public or private clouds, but we still require you run your own controller.

If you're looking for a public PaaS solution, we recommend you take a look at dotCloud or Heroku.

With regard to a commercial offering, OpDemand (the company behind Deis) plans on offering paid support and professional services for Deis deployments once the project reaches stability.

ProTip: If you are building anything that you expect users to run themselves, copy/steal FoundationDB's AWS CloudFormation setup. One click and a couple form fields to setup, one click to tear down.

Edit: http://foundationdb.com/documentation/beta1/getting-started-...

Many of the companies interested in using Deis want a private cloud deployment, so we have intentionally avoided tying ourselves exclusively to AWS/EC2. That said, we can certainly make the installation process a bit easier in future releases. CloudFormation could be part of that.

I some other company starts a Deis based public PaaS, what would your attitude be? Could they get OpDemand's paid support?

Absolutely. We will be outlining our paid support options soon.

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