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Hi Gabriel, how will this compare to the other Docker-PaaS projects going on? (Flynn, Dokku). I see the inclusion of Chef as a major feature?

Well firstly, I believe we're the first distributed Docker-based PaaS to be released. We are using Buildstep for Heroku Buildpack integration, which is part of Dokku. And we've been talking with the Flynn crew about how we can create more reusable components for the Docker PaaS community.

Our use of Chef is reflective of a larger design decision to work with DevOps tools that are already in widespread use.

Speaking on behalf of the Docker project, I am very glad that the two first PaaS projects built on Docker happen to be led by Jeff, Daniel and Jonathan (for Flynn) and Gabriel's crew (for Deis). They are all active and helpful Docker contributor who "get" the importance of interoperability between Docker projects. They have pledged to play nice with each other by focusing on reusable components which will benefit the entire Docker community.

So for that, thank you! I hope more people follow your example and remember open-source is not a zero-sum game.

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