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It was hardly a joke on Top Gear's part. They have been ridiculously antagonistic to electric cars over the years. Top Gear staff pushed a Tesla Model S during an episode, falsely insisting to their audience that it was out of juice when it still had many, many miles of range remaining. They deserved the lawsuit and it should never have failed.

Top Gear is a joke.

I've read many complaints by EV owners that state the range really isn't nailed down... it's usually "it depends". Something as simple as temperature changes can cause the car to lose many miles range.

That being said, the problem is that EV battery technology is still young: Most manufacturers state the upper-limit instead or something realistic. For an example: smartphones nowadays usually go past their claimed battery life despite that before it was hard for them to stay on for an entire day.

Top Gear drastically misrepresented the Tesla's range. It wasn't particularly funny, comedic, or for educational effect. It was simply misleading.

I own a Nissan Leaf and am well aware that range depends upon a series of conditions like weather, excessive acceleration and braking, and climate control. THIS IS TRUE OF ALL CARS, but matters more in EVs.

That does not mean that anyone would be well-served by an automotive review that lists towns and distances traveled, but which then misrepresents the car's state of charge to pretend its battery is completely discharged when it's actually over one-third full.

I think you are taking this personally when you really shouldn't. I love Top Gear, and I watch it purely for entertainment value.

I doubt anyone purchased any car based upon their recommendations or takes them seriously when they "review" cars.

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