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Here's my take on these features...

Monitoring and autoscaling I'll pass on. You can get better monitoring with collectd for free and autoscaling based on just load age or disk util and not app specific stuff is plain crazy.

The load balancer is pretty nice but I'll stick with haproxy until you can do httpand https on the same lb and also currently you can only do CNAME dns so no foo.com only www.foo.com and wildcard subdomains don't work unless you use tinydns(bind can't do it)

So I feel like this is a good start but I won't be using any of these services until they get more fully baked. The load balancer is the most interesting part but is currently seriously flawed.

I guess I spoke too soon and they did add support for multiple ports through the sam lb access point. So http and https can be served from the same lb. This makes the lb much more interesting.

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