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Dbinbox – An inbox for your Dropbox (dbinbox.com)
84 points by gklein on Aug 5, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

Almost like an actual drop box

How is this any different than emailing a file to yourself? And what prevents anyone from uploading large, malicious, or spammy files to your dropbox?

The github page tells you the reason why this was made.


To save your click, this tool was made to answer this.


Precisely. When I'm on someone else's computer and need to send a file to myself, it's much easier/faster to use this than figure out what email client they're using, ask permission to use their email, etc. Also, with 2-factor authentication in Gmail, it's too much work to log into my own email.

When I need people to send me files, I just point them to my dbinbox URL and I see the file pop up in my dropbox as soon as they send it.

Some email accounts have inconveniently small maximum attachment sizes. An optional password prevents people from uploading unwanted files.

Emailing files are generally a bad idea as it clogs up the email servers. Better to email a link to a file.

I use airdropper.com for this as it allows me to create one-time upload links. Its pretty odd that Dropbox doesn't offer better functionality here. My use case is being on our clients' systems and servers and in particular I don't want to enter any sort of personal credentials; email, dropbox or otherwise on their system.

Ahh yeah, but airdropper costs $9/month for their basic plan.

I really like the idea but I also have some concerns about people uploading random files to your dropbox. The idea with the password/access token is a good first step but I was surprised to see the password in plaintext in the url after you login...

Besides that it looks someone claimed your signin page as a username.

Do you mean the access_token en udid? This is how oauth works. It would be nice though if he did an extra redirect after successful connect.

No I mean if you secure your dbinbox via the settings with a password. If you then login to that dbinbox you get the following url:


Ahh yeah. The idea behind that was that you could just enter the URL with the password and skip a screen.

If you'd like to implement a better password authentication system, I'd be happy to accept your pull request.

Great idea, I was previously using Filestork but they closed a year ago ( https://twitter.com/filestork )

Oh hey! I hadn't heard of filestork. Why did they shut down?

Finally! :D Thank you so much for open sourcing this too

My pleasure :D

Pull requests welcome!

Also if you can think of a revenue stream that isn't bitcoin donations, I'd like to figure out a way to at least cover the monthly server/bandwidth costs.

everyday...it's getting closer to a VPS!

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