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When a Chrome Bug Kills Your Product (farmdawgnation.com)
5 points by farmdawgnation on Aug 3, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Removing this CSS fixed it for me,

  #anchor-tab.desktop .anchortab-stamp {
    text-indent: -999999999px;


I'll admit I didn't do a whole lot of mucking with the actual styles of the bar. I removed, and tweaked elements, but thought surely the CSS itself wasn't the culprit.


That works for me as well.

Yeah, I've confirmed a few different times. Just pushed a build to production. So, let's see what happens when the caches all clear out. Should have posted this on here weeks ago.

You think this is caused by Chrome switching to Blink?

More likely a semi related change they decided to make as a result of the switch. But I don't have much understanding of the core of Chrome so I could be wrong. Correlation does not prove causation.

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