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Check out the marketing language for RightScale:


Their "Key Features": (1) Auto-Scaling, (2) Monitoring & Alerting, (3) Load Balancing. Ouch.

But you're right -- the opportunity to provide unique value is in harnessing EC2 for specific purposes and applications.

Yeah, our marketing web site has gotten old, and it'll change within a couple of days. We haven't been selling auto-scaling and assorted features for a while. As Amazon is moving up the stack so are we. We're integrating a lot of the various features and really provide a platform for all the config management, automation, access control, etc. Plus pre-configured stacks that you can fully customize. If you actually try to use Amazon's monitoring and auto-scaling you'll find you have a lot of wheels to reinvent...

RightScale can provide services that span service providers. Currently, AWS is the principal cloud service provider but likely later this year there will be others (i.e Slice Host, FlexiScale, GoGrid, Sun). Services spanning service providers may include migrations, load balancing and redundancy.

It appears to me that RightScale is positioning itself to be a market for cloud computing services. It will be interesting to see if they pull it off.

Also, from the description of the monitoring service (i.e. no agent required) it is likely the monitoring data is collected at the host not the guest OS. So there is probably no process monitoring it follows that application profiling and similar services will not be possible with the data.

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