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It's not clear whether Auto Scaling can only be based on inputs from CloudWatch, or your own inputs as well. Anyone know?

Also, you better trust Amazon to fairly determine when to scale up... more instances == more profit for them.

The day someone comes up with solid evidence that they are using the system to skim money off unsuspecting customers is Amazon's last day as a hosting company.

Trust of a web host is of paramount importance. I know a lot of people who stuck with more expensive hosts just because they trust them and have a good working relationship with them.

According to the documentation, Auto Scaling is based on input from CloudWatch (see the dimensions parameter): http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AutoScaling/latest/Develop...

re: trusting Amazon to scale, as they say in the release notes, they provide a detailed audit of scaling activity. After all the work Amazon has done to help their customers, I doubt they're interested in grabbing a little cash from inappropriate scaling.

Unscrupulousness is easier if the other party is complicit: much more profitable to make people want to lower the thresholds before spinning up a new server ("We recommend setting the trigger when your CPU load is 0.1 and disk iops is 10/s") versus the gauche act of the visible rip-off.

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