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>Perl isn't dead, I use it every day for important stuff. But it is true, people younger than say 32 are not very likely to know Perl well, most of them prefer python

That's what "dead" in casual discussion means though.

Because in the stricter sense that "someone, somewhere is using it", even SNOBOL is not dead.

Something is "dead" when the youth no longer care about it? Get off my lawn.

Yes, joking aside, it means it's target use demographic is on the go (to the great hackathon in the sky).

The target demographic of a computer language is people who program computers. Python is as old as Perl. Ruby, at a spry 20, is only five years younger than Perl. Java is pushing 20 and JavaScript is not far behind.

Are you suggesting that when Mats created Ruby, he was thinking to himself, "I can't wait for the all the first graders to grow up and use my language?"

I rather think that the creators of computer languages think in terms of present, rather than future computer programmers, and not in terms of "My language will make all the Beliebers want to become software engineers."

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