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> 2) Common cloud infrastructure is normally off limits. Running adult content from AWS or Linode is forbidden by the TOS, so you have to roll your own servers.

Where do you get this? I've worked in the porn industry for 12 years and have ran porn sites on both Linode AND AWS... They allow it.

That being said, we do things very differently in porn than in the startup world I have come to notice. Most startups scoff PHP, whereas 99% of the porn industry is based on PHP. Not to mention we handle HUGE traffic loads on single servers, and the only time we ever have more than one server (outside of the sites sub 1,000 Alexa) is just for media such as pictures and videos, which are only offloaded to handle as static content while the rest is dynamic.

> Most startups scoff PHP, whereas 99% of the porn industry is based on PHP.

Only the vocal ones. I find that PHP is used a lot more than what the chatter on HN might lead one to think.

That's why I rarely take anything these people say seriously. I mean, they talk trash about PHP and how it's horrible but look at the porn industry? We push millions of visitors a day over a typical LAMP stack... But hey, it's shit, right?

It's important to differentiate when people are complaining about the language and it's use, and how effective it is. Almost nobody criticizes PHP performance (relative to other scripting languages), whether not not it is technically faster or slower than another language. Then, even a good portion of the criticisms of the language come with the caveat that it does let you get simple stuff done quick.

My main problem with PHP is that I'm primarily a Perl dev (but have done some heavy PHP work in the past), and it's syntax is just close enough to make me always aware of how unintuitive it is in comparison, and all the extra steps I have to take to accomplish something simple. It's maddening.

Oh, I could be wrong. I worked for an Adult Friend Finder type site and we had a very tough time finding a place to host the site.

Did you guys use any of the crazy file systems, like MogileFS?

That's weird, as there's tons of very good adult specific hosts out there. Crazy file systems? No. Just standard LAMP stacks.

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