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I'm sorry that is the most important thing you got from my comment, Avar. My spelling of Perl is certainly inconsistent. I've spelt it Perl, PERL and perl at various times. I was on my phone and being somewhat lazy and clumsy with my spelling. In that sense, I'm definitely not an insider. But I have been programming in Perl for 15ish years. I've built some fairly sizable projects in perl and I love using it. I'm also sad that it's in decline, and I think it's fairly obvious that it is.

The comments you've made about its usage do not address the comment from the article that I highlighted. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find senior engineers with a lot of Perl experience. I think it's unquestionable that there is a stronger desire in the market for Python and Ruby. Just consider Ycombinator. In my batch of 66, there were only 2 companies (mine included) which used Perl in any way. The vast majority used Python or Ruby. Does this not strike you as an important trend? This is not a rhetorical question, I mean it sincerely, since you also seem to be familiar with the language and love it too.

Don't worry, some people simply try attack others intentionally or unintentionally, it's not getting better here at HN

It's interesting that you and vijayboyapati focus on this one paragraph of a much longer reply, and that you perceive correcting somebody as attacking them. Indeed, that's something that hasn't gotten better over the years, anywhere.

>you perceive correcting somebody as attacking them.

Correcting someone on a pedantic issue outside their main point IS considered if not an attack, then surely quite rude, in regular conversation.

Even more so when you add: "People who refer to it in all-caps instantly give themselves away as outsiders to the language" trying to expose them as some kind of wannabe poser.

What the fuck does this guy knows about the parent's history and expertise in Perl?

It doesn't get better if you engage in it too.

I thought that the rest of avar's comment was a reasoned response to the claim that perl is "fading, however slowly, into obsolescence".

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