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(cynical meta-comment)

Curiously, anyone who's been involved in the Perl community for any length of time will see "PERL" there and dismiss the poster out-of-hand. The decade-or-two old catchphrase goes something like:

"Perl" is the name of the language. "perl" is the implementation/interpreter. There's no such thing as "PERL".

Lua gets this, as well, except in Lua's case, it never even had an acronym associated with it.

People who type LUA insta-brand themselves as outsiders.

My preferred definition of LUA is "Lua Uppercase Accident." ;-)

that's recursive. :)

I find that I dismiss pretty nearly anyone who refers to a programming language in all caps. Outside of FORTRAN, COBOL, and C.*, it just looks ridiculous -- SCHEME, ERLANG, LISP, JAVA...

Rule: you're allowed to use all caps to name any language that originally had to be programmed on terminals without lowercase letters.

So LISP? :)

Also add a special case "SmallTalk" for instant dismissal. It's Smalltalk.

Heh, of _all_ languages – you'd have thought Perl would end up with CamelCase. "PeRl" – nah…


Maybe they're just yelling the name of the language.

Same thing with TCL vs Tcl. It is an acronym: Tool Command Language, but no one writes TCL anymore.

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