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IIRC, (it's been a few years), this might help Seth and others:


Otherwise, you might just go crazy!

Personally, when I want to buy something, I always try to purchase the best available I can afford.

By afford, I mean something with credit I can pay off without worrying too much. This was mainly learned from my buy and sell routine with guitars. If I had just purchased that PRS right off the bat, I could have saved a lot of money :)

By best, I mean based on ratings and features important to me.

I was thinking of posting another link to that book, but I had just done so recently in another thread.

Another interesting idea: Barry Schwartz's _The Paradox of Choice_


Sometimes trying to maximize is more trouble than it's worth. "Satisficing" is a good way to economize. Save your maximizing behavior (and thus your mental resources) for the choices that matter the most.

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