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In the absence of being to convince half a million people to stop doing something that they seem to enjoy doing, what's Plan B?

Just like friends in school, if one standing up doesn't work, all of them standing up will. In this case, simply getting people you know to stop bullying or to voice their opinion against bullying can have a far greater effect than you think.

I'm not sure the same anti-bullying tactics that work in isolated ecosystems actually work at internet scale (or really, if they ever worked completely even in isolation).

In short though, really, I advocate the "thicker skin" advice. Even if the entire internet at large were able to quell the vast majority of criticisms towards Fish, that doesn't mean that they won't ever reoccur.

Also, despite what seems to be the opinion here, yes, it is a viable solution.

I agree that it might not work, but it is a far better alternative that inaction or to leave it solely up to the bullied to deal with the issue alone.

Also, the point is not to completely quell the criticisms towards Fish. In fact, legitimate criticisms are fine. It's the illogical bullying (negative comments for the sake of being negative) that needs to be reduced. Additionally, the goal should be to lower the levels of bullying to a degree where they bullied can actually handle the situation.

As I mentioned earlier, people can grow thicker skin but if the level of bullying is high and constant, that skin will be worn off. What bystanders should be doing is helping enough of a helping hand that Fish can recover and regrow some of that "thicker skin" that has been eroded away.

Since this point seems to be missed, "grow thicker skin" only for specific situations. In this case, which is very similar to long term bullying, it is advice that will not work because it has already failed as evidenced by Fish calling out for help (asking people to stop). As mentioned already, people need to take a look at reality and give advice that is applicable to the situation.

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