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I was just thinking there hasn't been a new programming language announced in the last week or so. With so few existing languages to choose from that have extensive supporting toolsets and APIs, this will surely stand out.

I feel this is a very insightful comment that adds meaningfully to this discussion. Through the use of cutting and witty satire OP has demonstrated that there is in fact an overabundance of programming languages to choose from with support and tooling, not only stating the obvious, but also serving as a blistering put-down to an individual who worked very hard to provide something useful and did it for absolutely no compensation. Good show sir. I would like to humbly request a subscription to your newsletter.

is it supposed to be obvious how 'clay' is useful? no problem with everyone forking everything and starting yet another language, and it doesn't have to be useful, it can be done for the experience. but if it's advertised, it would be good to explain why?

The OP explains this pretty well. Clay is designed to do generics very concisely and easily.

I'm not sure what you're talking about. The main page language is nice but explains it as much as a job candidates resume header explain what kind of a job candidate he is in a few sentences. There is no comparison to other languages or code examples, there are no success stories that I can see. Maybe they exist, but no, the OP doesn't explain this at all.

Clay wasn't announced this week.

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