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Every technology has its early adopters. Here are examples of not so world changing startups that changed the world with early adopters from the 'luxury' crowd. Using your same logic in a previous time might have yielded the same feedback for technologies that are world changing.

Viagra is now used to save lives.

The foldit project proved video gamers can solve complex protein folding problems.

Birth control pills were initially sold to fix first world problems and is now a leading technology in giving women control of their reproductive systems.

Maybe Prim starts here, but none of us know where it will end.

50+ years ago James Lapeyre Senior stepped on a piece of shrimp and saw the shelling come off the meat. He built the first shrimp peeler. As he commoditized the world's shrimp industry making it massively popular among the rich and then scaling it to make it price friendly, he realized that the conveyor belts that fed the shrimp peeler with shrimp were rusting.

He then went on to form a half a billion dollar modular plastic conveyor belt technology that is used by 60,000 clients. Before dying he had about 130 patents in all sorts of areas. The first digital magnetic compass etc...

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