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> This kind of sounds like referring to SF startups like Americans refer to baseball championships--'world's' startups ... 'world' series

Startups in SV are a subset of startups in the world, and my argument applies to most of them (perspective: I don't live anywhere near SF/SV). Targeting a demo with a need and means makes sense no matter where the company is founded. If Prim had started in NYC or London or Hong Kong, would that change any of the logic here? Or do you think the commenter above would say, "oh, targeting the 20-something tech crowd with too much disposable income is OK, as long as you're not in Silicon Valley"? My point is that it makes perfect sense for Prim to target the demo it does-- nothing to do with SF. That the commenter thinks this is a problem specific to a certain region doesn't affect the argument that it's not a problem at all.

> I don't think the commenter was remarking on the lack of personal catering he experiences from SV startup land.

He's certainly complaining that a certain demographics (which I'm guessing includes him, though I am not sure, and it's not really relevant) don't get catered to by SV startup land. My point is that this isn't a good reason for bitterness.

The connection between criticizing targeting certain demographics with disposable income for completing a chore vs not catering to him (your original charge) is not made, despite your clarifications.

The original commenter was neither complaining about the world's startups, nor about lack of personal catering.

I suppose I read your comment as far more specific than you intended.

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