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I don't get it. Online laundry shops have been there for years. I've had my laundry picked up, washed, folded and delivered a few times.

Why does it need a Y-Combinator backed-startup? Can't wait to see a job posting asking for a "full-stack engineer". This is a typical laundry business: there's hundreds of them everywhere, all "startups" (in the original non-techy sense) who make money. They don't need a Techcrunch article, or any of that hype.

Not only it doesn't seem to "need a startup", I wonder what the founders and YC thought about the barrier to entry to the market. If there are already several competitors in this space, what would be the expected good outcome? A single company outlasting its rivals and leveraging economy of scale?

(Obviously YC is smart enough to give this a thought, curious to know what they think)

I guess leveraging economy of scale would be what they're seeking for, but that's just a typical business. Why don't they promote it as such?

Current online laundry services are physical laundry spaces, that are leveraging the internet for the area around them. I guess no one has done it at a larger scale yet.

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