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This is probably good for the Peepcode folks (at least monetarily), but I'm shocked. In my experience, companies like Peepcode (and also O'Reilly) provide cheaper content in a "DRM-free, own it yourself" model without treating customers like cheats and crooks. It's the exact opposite of Pluralsight's model. Pluralsight thrives on expensive and stupid silverlight based streaming and "limited offline caching" for higher tier paying subscribers. It's all proprietary content delivery that cannot be reused on another device as easily as non-DRM stuff. As a long time annual subscriber of Peepcode, I'd just stop using it if it moves to the Pluralsight model after this acquisition. If that happens, well, it was good while it lasted (and a pity that good products and services eventually get taken over by paranoid companies that cannot adapt with the times). Pluralsight won't miss me as a Peepcode subscriber - this is just something I wanted to vent out.

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