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So now we have the Uber for housecleaning, laundry/dry cleaning, cooking, shopping, babysitting(?), and at some point everything else under the sun that falls into the consumer home services umbrella. These business use technology and economics of scale to deliver convenient on-demand services at a reasonable price, with the thesis that the price becomes increasingly more reasonable with continued local density and national scale.

Is there a path to this where a large home services company is formed as a roll up of all of these types of services? Once the actual services and logistics models are proven and ironed out, it would at least on the surface appear to be many major benefits to a roll up: additional scale economies from logistics / transportation, cross-training and utilization of the service workforce, single platform for payment, cross selling services, and of course your run of the mill shared services among legal, HR, accounting, etc. I think to me the point on cross training and utilization of the service workforce is especially poignant, as these services see a lot of demand volatility, so having multiple service lines help smooth out labor productivity.

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