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Yeah, I was wondering. It might have a nice web frontend, but otherwise... I was using a service like this in London about five years ago, and I'm pretty sure it's been a available as a service for as long as there have been people wanting clothes cleaned.

Do you remember any information about the service? Was it just a local laundromat/dry cleaner that did it? I'm looking for something just like that in London.

The one I used serves a number of postcodes in East London (and had another location in Essex) and was called "The Ironing Board". They charge by weight, their site is here, but you have to call them rather than arrange it via the web - http://www.theironingboard.com/

I would expect there to be others in other parts of the city. I could be wrong :)

--edit-- It looks like they've been doing it for 21 years!

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