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I Just did my laundry in a Singaporean Laundromat last weekend (Thompson Plaza) - One thing that sets them aside, is that in addition for "Self Service" - where you pay $15 to use a (small) washing machine and then a Dryer, you can also have your laundry done for you at $2 - $4 per item. They will basically put your laundry in the Washing Machine, then Dryer (at too hot a heat, I noticed - never Dry your laundry with the highest setting), and then fold it and put it in a bag for you.

You need to drop it off, and you need to pick it up.

My bag of laundry that I did for $15 ($5 washing Machine, $10 Dryer, on medium - so 1 Hr, would have been $10 if I had used it on High) - would have cost me $60 if they had washed it for me - And I had to both Drop it off, and come pick it up.

There was a very large queue of laundry waiting to be completed.

Prim should immediately look at expanding into Singapore - there is clearly a market for this service - and I have every expectation that something more convenient than having to drive your laundry over to a laundromat would be a big hit - at least with the people who drop their laundry off at Thompson Plaza.

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