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Try Memd.me - doctor visit over video conf.

I had to go to the doctor recently. Among the 'tests' he did was to check different parts of my chest with a stethoscope (and noted that there was a mild wheeze). Another was gently pressing particular points on my throat and asked me if it hurt. He also checked how the ears, nose and throat looked by using a bright light pointed towards them. Overall he checked for a variety of things and some of them involved physical contact.

I think it would have been hard for him to do this over a video call or have the same confidence in his diagnosis if he were not able to do these 'tests' even if his diagnosis were the same.

I myself would find it hard to feel comfortable with diagnosis that I receive over a video session. In fact unless the whole pipeline for transmitting sound from one end to the other is very good, the doctor might miss some vital clues. I say this because I once saw him mention a faint whistling sound in my wife's breathing from a few feet away (which we had not noticed until he pointed it out to us). How could he notice something small like that over a video call? How could a patient be confident that the doctors are not missing something like that over the call?

I wouldn't mind receiving consultation regarding legal, financial or technical (Programming?) matters over a video call but I don't see being comfortable receiving medical consultation through a video call.

[Edit: replied to wrong post earlier, deleted that and pasted here]

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