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Scott Wiener came to Google and gave a talk about pizza in NYC [1]. It was an interesting talk but one thing I remember was this: he said that you can't just cut up a sell a pizza by the slice and replicate what you have in NYC.

The point of this is that pizza by the slice is a culture that comes about and continues to exist for historical reasons, namely that Manhattan (in particular) is densely populated and people walk a lot, which has a bunch of other consequences. You can't just replicate that.

Also in NYC we have wash and fold laundromats. I walk five blocks to work and pass four of them on 8th Avenue. They're open 7 days a week (one from 7am-11pm every day). They will pick up your laundry and drop it off or you can drop it off and pick it up yourself.

Typically you pay $0.60-1.00/lb (plus something per load) for this and drop it off in the morning you get it back the same day. There are historical reasons for this but again it survives due to cultural and infrastructure reasons.

So something like this doesn't really work in low density car-dominated locales like the Valley.

I'm a little confused by Prim because ultimately they're just a courier service for clothes that subcontracts the cleaning to local laundromats. Okay...

But I question the demand for this given the economics and different culture.

This also highlights to me the benefits of living high-density as lots of things become possible. Effective public transport for example.

[1]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mayGAx9ngvo

It's true, when you break apart the business model, it is a 3rd party delivery/courier service for a niche market. This is not sustainable and has no barriers to entry.

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