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"Well maybe once everything in our country is automated, we'll have time to worry about others' automation, digital divide, and poverty."

Having just Googled that quote, I'm going to assume it was meant to be a paraphrasing of my comment/a (sarcastic?) response to it, rather than an actual quote.

In any case, I didn't really mean other countries in my comment. There is a great deal of crime, starvation, poverty, and disease in this country.

"Charity starts at home."

It wasn't sarcastic, it was a realist based comment pointing out the fact on how much we focus on our country's automation before moving on to other countries. I agree, eventually, after solving our digital divide issue, we'll worry about real problems. VCs invest in these services to bring what rich people had for years to the masses, and that is a maid and servants to free up your time to do what you really want to do. The economic recession has allowed numerous of people willing to do your laundry, these people picked up on that, I wonder what's next. Will there be a service to wash my dog?

The last time there was widespread starvation North America was in Newfoundland during the Great Depression.

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