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To an extent you are correct although your snarky tone is lame. The same could be said of towncars and taxis, for example, but Uber has absolutely brought a new spin to the market taking large advantage of the internet and mobile to organize constituents and offer enhanced service. I don't think laundry has quite the opportunity but I don't find it necessary to belittle the effort here since there is obviously room for improvement.

Half the time I called a taxi dispatcher, the driver simply didn't bother showing up (probably found a fare on the way). Towncars want a reservation measured in hours. The new spin is having a critical mass of reliable drivers nearby. Technology is cool (especially GPS) but Uber could have worked over radio.

Reason for downvotes?

The first comment, while maybe a bit "snarky", is still very relevant and right on point. The first line of your response is why you're getting down voted. Little bit of snark > calling a comment lame.

But being snarkily sarcastic is lame while calling something out straightforwardly is not.

I'd say the downvotes you're receiving might mean this community disagrees with you... but I'm just a messenger. You asked the question.

Wow, I guess that's possible. But I wasn't that disagreeable with the post I replied to. I said it had some merit, identified a solid example to support my contention and then still hedged back towards the OP's side.

I know that downvoting hurts (no sarcasm), but just try and remember that they're internet points. If you took out "although your snarky tone is lame" and "I don't find it necessary to belittle the effort here since" you would have been fine. Complaining about downvoting is also against the guidelines, even though everyone does it now and then.

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