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Even if we are 100% clear that there is no evidence that vaccination causes any malady, government mandates requiring that the government chooses what things should be injected into every single citizen crosses a very important line of freedom of action for me. Just like the argument that you may not agree with someone but will defend their rights to say it. I may not agree with an anti-vaccination person but I would defend to the end every persons right to liberty (that is choice) in regards to government mandates as to invasive procedures, pills, or injections. We have to think of the future implications of precedents like that.

The problem is it is not about your freedom and safety. It's about the freedom and safety of others. Herd-Immunity is essential for protecting those who can't be vacinated because of allergies or age. By refusing vaccinating you aren't just giving up your ability to be protected from these life-threatening diseases, you're also endangering others. The government has these laws for the same reason we have laws against drunk driving. You have the right to endanger yourself however you want; however, you have zero right to endanger another human.

Your position would be more clearly stated if you said that the problem is weighing freedom against safety. There I agree with you. It is not my freedom from government mandated medical injections or procedures the needs to be weighed against safety for the herd but rather the importance of freedom of choice generally weighed against safety for all. Also, the government does not have these laws. This is a line leglislaters have not crossed, and good thing too, given the importance of setting good precedents around medical ethics in a fast advancing field.

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