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>This philosophical argument can be answered very simply.

it is not philosophical, it is routine everyday choice everyone of us make. Like these researchers at UCSF - whether to administer analgesics or not before cutting a body part - calling it a philosophical question clearly shows your own philosophy.

>Which do you value more, animals or humans?

By asking such a question you already stated your answer. I don't ask nor answer such a question as i don't assign specific value points on lives of humans or animals. Putting such specific values and compare them has always been leading humans who think of themselves as of higher value to mindlessly butcher, torture, etc... anybody whom they think of as of lesser value, be it humans or animals.

It is not philosophical, it is routine everyday choice every one of us make.

There is no answer that's not philosophical. Refusing to quantify your philosophy is philosophical.

It amounts to asserting that taking a position is wrong when only people who disagree with the philosophy you implicitly accept are taking a position, so it's also rather hostile.

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