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Someone who does security work for me on the side (for about 12 years works now) manages a team that does this at a large consulting company.

I can't remember exactly, but he told me what they bill him out for and it sounded like NY senior attorney level rates.

He travels overseas regularly on longer term assignments. I told him he should go out on his own but he's not entrepreneurial. He also said that a few of the "sales guys" at the firm already did that with some of the other security people last year.

I think starting a security consultancy is a business idea that just might work.

I admit by the time I made it through this comment thread, I wasn't quite laughing out loud, but I was having a good chuckle.

When I was maybe 5 years old I asked my parents why they couldn't just cut cancer out? Everybody is a newbie at one point.

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