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> Court documents allege that as a result of the scheme, financial institutions, credit card companies and consumers suffered hundreds of millions in losses, including more than $300 million in losses ...

BULLSHIT. I want to see hard evidence that there were real losses totaling more than $300 million. The justice dept loves inflating loss figures based on sentencing guidelines which mandates minimum losses for stolen info even if they were never used to commit a crime.

Why does this call for an all-caps "bullshit?"

It's really not that much money per card for just the Heartland breach alone, even if you assume only a fraction of cards were actually being used.

The Heartland breach was discovered after card companies found a pattern of chargebacks over a number of months. If the cards hadn't been used, the breach likely would have been undiscovered, for years, if at all. It took Heartland months of investigation to find internal evidence they had been breached. The attackers had long since left and attempted to erase their tracks.

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