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Thanks so much! Really appreciate the kind words.

Re: media strategy. Broad, national, mainstream outlets will be our next big challenge. Today would be amazing. Good Morning America, Frontline World News, 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper, Fareed Zakariah, Ellen, Diane Sawyer, Nick Kristof, Al Jazeera...any of those would be a pinnacle :)


HackerNews: here's your challenge. Who knows someone who produces at one of those programs?

(Watsi, can one of your investors hook you up? I have to imagine Conway, PG, et al have the right connections. I wish there was something we could do with technology, like start a twitter campaign or something that would get you noticed... speaking of which, you guys would be the only place where I would actually click on a "share what you just did on facebook" button, after donating. Don't really care to share what book I purchased on Amazon, but I'd definitely be happy to share that I helped fund Phillip's treatment for cleft lip.)

I live in Heidelberg, Germany and I can't even fathom how many people here would be intrigued by watsi. I just found out about it and am blown away by how effective a simple idea can be executed.

You guys should get a grip in europe. Are you planning on making regular bank transactions possible in europe? For traditionally-minded people who'd like to donate.

We have had some traction in Europe already, but it's been a while since we ran the numbers. We do have a blog post on the topic: http://j.mp/is-generosity-geographic? and we'll be looking to expand wherever we can.

As for regular bank transactions, we're going to explore it. For now you can hook up your bank to your Paypal account. It's not ideal though, we know!

Thanks for your support!

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