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I just tried to donate and since I use 1password to pre-fill the CC info, their form validation didn't kick in, and the "Confirm Donation" button was still ghosted out. I had to do some sleuthing and simulate some KeyUp events before it was enabled.

If anyone from Watsi is looking, please look into this (might be an edge case though). I was close to a "eh, let me do this later." - which is bad.

This is a known issue with tools like 1password and LastPass. I'm not sure how to fix it. If you have any ideas, please hit me up on Twitter: @jc00ke.

I would skip the auto-validation and let the user hit the always-enabled "Confirm Donation of $xx" button to validate the form. Tried and true and catches the auto-fill cases.

Yeah, we'll consider that. Thanks Dave! ;-)

A lazy solution is to periodically check for changes to the field, independently of any events. Could also let the user behavior trigger a validation check.

I wonder if a focus/blur combo would trigger the needed event and the value would be set? I need to try it out.

If you're using the jQuery Rails validations I believe you'll have to set the input's "changed" data to true before it'll run the validations again. Something like $(".my-input").data("changed", true);

If not, then good luck :D

Hit backspace, reenter last digit.

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