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Your comment leaves much to be desired.

And an attitude of comparing the public to drunken fools doesn't?

Not the point. Idiots will be idiots. It's better to hold yourself to a higher standard.

There is something to be desired about an attitude that conflates people having different values and priorities with their being "idiots."

Sorry, I miscommunicated. I was saying that the person you responded to was being an idiot by calling the general public drunken fools (true or not) and that it's a bad thing to lower to that level of discourse by retaliating in such a content-free manner because you won't change anybody's mind that way. I.e. your position is good, but it's only through expressing ourselves well that we can have an influence on others.

Of course if it was just to feel good about calling out idiocy then it's not necessary to put in much effort countering it.

Just so you both know, from the outside, you both appear to be on the same page on the decorum issues here.

heh... missed this rabbit trail. Forgive me for the offense. s/Drunken fool/uncaringly ignorant/. @all, Thanks for the correction whether harsh or gentle, I don't mind. If its called for, tone is less relevant.

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