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You apparently missed the fact that the Obama administration had a full scale Democratic congressional revolt on its hands yesterday - a majority of congressional Dems voted to defund the NSA collection of bulk call records under FISA - the White House was seriously afraid the Amash Ammendment would pass - it only failed narrowly - 217 to 205. So in objective terms, the response has been far worse than the administration expected. And this policy tussle isn't over yet.

But still, everything continues as usual.

Nobody is guilty.

Nobody did anything wrong.

And money to the program continues to flow.

>Nobody is guilty.

>Nobody did anything wrong.

True and true. If I am not mistaken, What we've witnessed from James Clapper and General Alexander, it is legal for representatives from our federal surveillance agencies to openly lie in a Congressional oversight hearing.

This of course, if fact, is insane, and will only lead into extralegal catastrophe. Learn to read and reread `Clapperspeak'. When you look for it and know a little context, we see how entrenched and truthfully revealing it is:

"And Ye Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Free"

- John 8:32, and the entrances of NSA, Fort Meade, Maryland, and the CIA HQ, Langley, VA

"Arbeit macht frei"

-Auschwitz, and the entrances of other Nazi slave labor camps during World War II

I think many of us in the United States saw this coming when the current administration stated they would not be addressing the previous administration's law breaking.

The law is now "in your face" optional, depending on how much money and/or power is involved. Power has always had undue influence, it is just flagrant now.

From what I read, this is fairly common among many countries, so I take it as part of the "human condition."

i think the issue is: 10% of the people are informed enough to realize what's going, and yes, some of them are acting. the majority of Americans don't know what's going on, and many of them don't care, which is sad.

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