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No, it's a win because the government is not the only, and in most cases not the worst, threat.

Insiders (like Snowden and Manning, ironically) are one of the biggest threats. Being attacked by non-USG outsiders is a major threat ("hackers", state sponsored or not). Your business partners being hacked, or having lax security, is another threat. USG is probably near the bottom of the list of actual threats for most people, in terms of frequency; they just have the most amazing resources.

If the "evil NSA boogeyman" is enough to get people to finally care about security, that's great. It's like people preparing for zombies by buying water, freeze dried food, radios, shotguns, etc., when in fact they're at the same time preparing for the far more likely earthquake or civil insurrection.

> Insiders (like Snowden and Manning, ironically) are one of the biggest threats.

They're a threat to those who like running a Surveillance State, not to the average citizen.

Whistleblowers are a help to the average citizen, yes, but perhaps the parent poster meant "insiders with their own motives", which might not be benevolent.

Insiders are the biggest threat to any organization. Doesn't matter if it is USG and Manning or that Icelandic kid and wiki leaks or whatever. Independent of whether the org is good or evil.

"They" specifically are... generally, the point is that 'insiders' are probably not motivated the same way but have the same access to data which they could leverage against a target.

I always assumed "zombie apocalypse" was code for "civil uprising" anyway.

Even in Oakland, I am way more worried about things like an earthquake, blackout, etc than a civil war, though.

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