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The only thing I get really spooked over, is that eventually it gets to a point where the government starts demanding passphrases for hard drives with no hidden encrypted partition.

Am I being paranoid? Someone sensible please dilute my paranoia.

Realistically paranoid, I think.

Best plan may be to create a small encrypted partition, and put some data on it, so you can give them the passphrase when asked.

Don't forget the passphrase!

And what if they say "That data was obviously innocuous so there must be another encrypted partition"?

You could try putting something embarassing but not incriminating there (e.g., gay porn or whatever).

Aha, obviously you are quite cunning, therefore you knew that I would expect a second partition, so there must be a third partition!

Sure, but my point is that plausible deniability always comes paired with plausible accusibability. Hell, the very fact that you had one encrypted partition massively increases the probability that you have more than one. Most people don't even know how to set one up. I think you'd be way better off simply claiming you didn't have one.

One way or another, you're going to be relying on reasonable doubt in the end.

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