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Where I work (PagerDuty), we follow up with everyone who cancels -- my favourite was "I only signed up to be alerted by a script as soon as PAX tickets went on sale" He got them.

There's probably a whole market of "notify me when (plane tickets get cheap, apartments look good, tickets go on sale, etc)"

If Amazon had a notification when product X dropped below price Y then not only would it allow people to track that something was now affordable to them, it would allow Amazon to feed back to manufacturers that they could sell N items if they dropped their price to Y.

Something like this? http://camelcamelcamel.com


I've used this service in the past: https://pricenoia.com/ it can notify you of price change on Amazon AND allows you to compare prices between different countries's Amazon local sites

Isn't there a risk that this type of notification would break the market segmentation that they're aiming for? If you make discounts too easy, maybe you'll start pulling in people who would have paid the full price.

I work for an online retailer, and every once in a while, we get an email from a customer asking if we could add a feature on the website to notify them when prices drop on items.

Maybe we should start trial runs of this feature..

You could even get some additional engagement out of them:

o Send me an email if the price drops below $_____

o Send me an email and put 1 item in my shopping cart for me if the price drops below $_____

Yeah, that kind of feature is getting built into a lot of price comparison based sites now.

I think this site is similar to what your describing: https://trackif.com/

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