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Implicit in that statement is a shortage. If programmers have choices, by definition implies more demand, less supply. You contradict yourself!

It implies no such thing. At any point along the supply/demand curves there are specific instances where a particular good or service is demanded by people who are not willing to pay market rates for it. Looking at one of these points says nothing about the location on the curve.

When demand exceeds supply, prices should go up until both reach equilibrium; conversely, when supply exceeds demand prices should fall until both reach equilibrium. In a real market, there will always be buyers who are overpaying or trying to underpay. You cannot cherry pick these instances and make any sort of valid assessment of the market.

I was responding to an oversimplified and vacuous argument, that naively assumes that supply and demand are the only two market forces. You ought to read up on the field of System Dynamics. I am not "cherrypicking", but you are over simplifying.

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