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He also promotes this book:


If you look at the reviews you'll get a better understanding.

Indeed, it doesn't look good. I don't know how you can be skeptical but then also try chiropractic and acupuncture (without trying a lot of other stuff)

The wikipedia talk page is interesting.

Here's my personal story about how I conquered my RSI: stopped using Emacs. It helped that I moved from a developer to a sysadmin role.

When I do occasionally use Emacs, it's with viper mode.

After reading multiple comments criticising Emacs for wearing down the hands, there's some more stuff (apart from viper-mode) that makes Emacs use less damaging:

* ergo-emacs key bindings (http://ergoemacs.org/features.html)

* partial-completion-mode

* auto-completion (e.g. binding dabbrev-expand to an easy reachable key/combo)

* put window/buffer navigation onto easier reachable keys (for me F7, F11 work well)

* Make buffer switching smarter by using ido-switch-buffer and ido-find-file instead of the normal switch-buffer and find-file functions (see documentation for ido-mode)

* desktop-save-mode so you don't have to repeatedly re-open files after restarting emacs

* Using auto-generated boilerplate when creating new files (see Emacs manual for define-auto-insert and friends)

* using a Kinesis Advantage keyboard helps with emacs key combos as Ctrl/Alt can be reached via the thumbs without moving the hands.


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