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"Pessimistic downer crowd"? I thought we were above personal attacks here. This is more of a "downer" action than engaging in a little poorly placed humor. I was poking fun at an idea, whereas you're making a bunch of personal judgments which is rather disappointing and unfortunate.

Did you miss my post where I said it was a bad attempt at humor? Shame on you for trying to make me personally feel bad.

You don't think your callous attempt at a humorous put-down of someone's business concept could make them personally feel bad? I love that because you're railing on someone's idea, it's all fun and games, but if someone calls you on it, you play the victim card. Stop defending yourself for your immature and dismissive comment and just apologize.

You are missing the difference between disparaging an idea versus a person. They are totally different situations.

Shame on you for thinking that disparaging people is valid revenge for people who merely poke fun at ideas. Talk about making it personal.

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