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My problem with facebook; it's a reminder of how much our current society bothers me. At first is was cute-- kind of, but as the time went on it just got nauseating. The narcissism The birthdays The baby picture--animals fine, but enough with your spawn. The touching quotes The pictures of what you ate. The head tilted portrait. The reminder that people don't change.

Actually, the only facebook posts I can stomach are from the Amish--sad, but true.

Oh man, if there is one comment to which I can donate all my votes to, it would be this.

What are this amish posts? I've never seen them(I live in Spain)

I believe he's speaking on users in his feed that are Amish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amish

Thank you, I know who the Amish are, it just gave methe impression that he has subventionated posts by the Amish and not normal feed. I'll check the link anyway!

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