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> I’m using my relatively dinky 2012 MacBook Air - it has a Core i5 chip, an SSD, and 8GB of memory.

Slightly OT, but since when is 8gb of ram plus an SSD plus a quad core machine "dinky"?

When your production machines have 32GB of RAM, dual SSDs for OS and caching, dual terabyte drives for data, and dual octocore processors.

32RAM? man, it's 2013 already

The core i5 is a ULV part and it's dual core. Not quad core. Comparatively speaking it is a little bit "dinky" versus desktop parts.

I run a Mac Mini with a quad core i7 and 16GB of RAM. Beyond that consideration, desktop parts are almost always under less thermal stress then those on a laptop and can typically run at higher clocks.

Hm, I was comparing it to a typical workstation machine in terms of raw specs - this is my personal laptop :)

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