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Your main issues seem to be privacy and that advertisers "won't stand for it". The privacy angle makes no sense given the context, as ad networks are already tracking your site visits. Plus, the average user doesn't care. As far as advertisers, what are they going to do? There's already tons of websites that offer the ability to remove ads for users who purchase a premium subscription...this is basically the same thing, just that your subscription amount is effectively based on pageviews, rather than a fixed price.

All that said, my biggest concerns would be that it's a huge chicken-and-egg problem, plus the difficulty of getting users to pay for content they're used to getting for free.

Oh, and you come across sounding like a real asshole.

I posted some poor humor about a company. You respond with personal name-calling. That is unfortunate. It's a real shame on you for stooping to a personal attack, but I'll get over it :)

Glad to hear it.

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