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kiiski 277 days ago | link | parent

What would that second factor be?

ams6110 277 days ago | link

Typically something like a yubi key, a smartphone app, or even a code sent via SMS to a phone, or verbally to a voice phone.


kiiski 277 days ago | link

I really hope no one is going to try to force me to carry a phone around all the time (I only have one with me when I'm expecting a call or planning to call someone myself). Those yubi keys look interesting, but it's still an extra piece of hardware that has to be bought and carried around (and not lost).


rmc 276 days ago | link

Ubuntu forums has subforums for all over the world. Your phone/SMS thing needs to work for every country.


mwww 276 days ago | link

The device that you use to sign in could be a second factor. That's how Rublon works: the mobile app allows you to manage your Trusted Devices. Check out a demo at http://www.pagechimp.com/.


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