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Something real, real bad happened down Apple way. The only explanation that passes the sniff test for me is a security breach. A big one. Playstation store big. I mean, it's a huge outage in the middle of the week. Nobody does that if something hasn't gone disastrously wrong. And iffy as Apple's web infrastructure historically has been, it's hard to imagine a system malfunction that they couldn't route around in some kind of reduced capacity in this amount of time.

So. Is Apple gonna drop trou and own up to what the hell happened, or are they gonna get the servers back up and pretend that we saw all this smoke and no fire?

Well, apply the standard Apple social introversion: it's down, they're telling you it's down and will be for a while, it will be back up as soon as they can fix it, what exactly is wrong isn't your problem, when it's back up you'll know and it won't matter what happened so long as it gets up and stays up.

Well, the App Store is how I make my living, so their developer portal's uptime directly affects me. Especially if it was a security breach.

And the argument that it won't matter as long as it gets up and stays up has already been invalidated by this outage. If they were perfectly in control, this wouldn't have happened. So we know for a fact that they are not 100% in control of the website. (I mean, obviously, 100% control is a mathematical impossibility.) But how much less? What happened? If it was an hour, or even two, I'd let it ride as a cost of running a big-ass data center. But this... warrants an explanation.

>> "Well, the App Store is how I make my living, so their developer portal's uptime directly affects me."

How much is this outage affecting you? You can still provision devices etc. through Xcode, documentation's still online. I'm also a full-time iOS developer and hadn't even noticed it had gone down I go to it so infrequently.

I need (!) to document a sequence of steps thru a process in the Member Center. Can't do that if I can't get to the Member Center.

California state law requires companies to disclose security breaches. So, if such a thing did occur, you should expect to see one sometime within the next few days.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_breach_notification_la...

If you don't see such a notice, than it is (was) likely some other issue.

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