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The actual blog post at http://blog.wolframalpha.com/2009/05/12/going-live-and-webca... says, "We’ll be making our first attempt to go live with Wolfram|Alpha this Friday evening, May 15. We’ll start webcasting our preparations at 7pm CDT (UTC -5)."

I don't know how I feel about a Friday night launch. On the one hand the weekend allows for fixing problems, but on the other hand they are doing a webcast and have been building publicity for more than a month.

Tuesday is the best marketing day for everything.

Except everyone thinks that, which means there is more competition for attention on Tues than any other day.


Saturdays and Sundays are dead.

Fridays are almost bad as nobody will remember you next monday.

Thursdays gives you just one more day to digest your offering.

Now you have mondays, tuesdays or wednesdays left.

Mondays are catch-up days, everybody getting up to the minute with meetings, planning, late tasks, errands, etc.

Wednesdays are good, very good, but no better than tuesdays, which gives you three more days for penetration, attention, conversation and full digestion.

So, even if wednesdays are good, tuesdays are better.

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