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Work 3 days per week for someone else.

This relies on you being a trusted and valued worker for the firm who allows you to work 3 days. So work hard at your job and the management will likely be okay with you asking.

That's what I did for a couple of startups.

Having a work-day or two available for work-time meetings with customers and lawyers / suppliers makes a large difference. People treat you more seriously when you are able to make a daytime meeting.

Careful calendar managament can give the impression of a full fledged business.

Until of course you need to support customers, and suddenly they need support at all sort of inconvenient times. Nothings perfect!!

I am doing this - working 2 days/week for my previous employer and it works really well... eases out the initial cashflow problem.

yeah. this is what I'm doing. I'm fortunate in that I have enough experience to command a pretty good rate, and I can demand corp-to-corp payment. With this, I turn around and hire inexperienced, cheap, but pretty good SysAdmins to handle customers while I'm with my client.

But yeah, 3 days a week is immensely better than working 5 days a week for someone else, then trying to get something done on the weekends.

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