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Flask powered CMS - Quokka (quokkaproject.org)
90 points by suhair on July 19, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 29 comments


I am the author of Quokka CMS, Thank you @suhair for posting.

Quokka is a work in progress, it is in early stage of development but already works for the basic which is user authentication/authorization, article posting ans extending with blueprints.

This is not my first CMS project, I am also one of the developers of another CMS made in Django http://github.com/opps, Opps is a big project ready for production and running on large audience websites.

So I started Quokka as an experiment to implement all the CMS features in a non-relational database, that's why I choose Flask and MongoDB.

I think this project will get really serious because I am realizing that MongoDB fits perfectly for dynamic CMS.

I am really open for suggestions and contributions.

Quokka - The happiest animal in the world and maybe the happiest CMS in the internets. :)

i understand you wanted to experiment with mongodb, but why moving away from django ? there isn't such a big conceptual difference between the two, except flask has less things. What part of the django stack did you want to build differently ?

I like Django, I work with Django a lot and currently I am developing another product with Django.

The only problem is that Django do not play very well with Non-relational databases, and Django has too many things for a small project.

I'm guessing you lived in Perth at some stage? These things live pretty exclusively on Rottnest Island: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quokka

I actually live in Brazil, but I like the animal because of happiness. I've never been in Rottnest Island, I really want to go someday to see a Quokka.

i am not connected to this project in anyway. just thought the project is interesting. Not sure about whether this one is ready for release or not

It would be good to see a site that already runs like, like a demo.

Hi, The project is really new, I started some weeks ago. There is no website running yet.

In few days I will have a demo running.

I look forward to it!

At first glance, I read "Flash powered CMS", and was both horrified and curious.

Every time I'm searching for something Flask related Google tries to be an smart ass and "corrects" my search to "Flash". Incredibly annoying. Sometimes the link that forces to search the original query that you entered is not visible.

time to switch to ddg

I really liked that they listed the project tree in the README file. I am going to start doing this in my future projects.

I did this because github is slow sometimes for browsing on folders. I always like to take a look at all the project tree to see what it offers and how complex it is.

Maybe github can implement a feature "show project tree" would be a nice addition.

Wasn't there a Quokka sports site back in the bubble days? I really liked that name.

Quokka did some really amazing sites back in the day:


I seem to recall them doing motorsports with tons of live data including biometrics of some of the drivers. Heart rate, etc.

I spent the dotcom boom years working for a sports startup that was initially called Pangolin during it's prelaunch phase. I assumed that was a homage to Quokka. Pangolin rebranded itself as Sportal before launching it's consumer sites.

There's also www.quoka.de, a classified-ads site in Germany and Austria.

This might be the original ... http://www.quokka.com.au/ classifieds ads, based in Perth. Started as a newspaper.

And I used it for as a codename for a project I was tossing around here on HN a while back as well. I hadn't heard of the animal, but a nice little random project name generator suggested it and I thought it was fun. Cool word, cool animal.

I am going to be looking into this. I am building an ecommerce platform in flask and I also started coding a small CMS to handle few things.

Let's see. The only thing I am not too sure about is your decision of tying it with a specific DB.

Cool, it is open for contributions and an e-commerce module will be great!

I started this project because I already work developing CMS using relational databases and there are some things that SQLs gives headaches, schema definition, migrations and denormalization for performance are those things.

So I started Quooka as an experiment to get rid of those limitations of SQL databases. Mongo was a natural choice because it was the only one I knew how to work and Flask because it already works well with mongo and mongoengine.

Additional requirements are : passlib, twill, markupsafe

after following the instructions I was still unable to login, with invalid password message.

registration takes me to a 500 error page as well.

I think I will wait until this becomes more developed.

Added extra requirements Fixed the login problem https://github.com/rochacbruno/quokka/commit/321af1e2546f9fb... Registrations now works without the need to configure email server (but confirmation email goes to the console by default)

Thanks for reporting that issues.

I will open this issue and solve ASAP. thanks for reporting.

i'd love to see some additional apps (err blueprints, perhaps) like a job posting app

Yes I have a roadmap for new apps.

Poll, Recipes, Feedcrawling, Social messages and Google Analytics integration. Job posting is also a good idea.


Yes! MongoDB is one of the bests non-relational databases and fits perfectly for dynamic CMS.

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