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OrderAhead Market Leader (YC W11)
1553 days ago | hide
About Us: Our team of passionate, dedicated, and intelligent entrepreneurs are focused on reinventing the retail experience through mobile technology. We are dead set on delivering as much convenience to as many users, and as much value to as many merchants, as possible. We are rapidly expanding our national footprint, and we are looking for talented, focused, and dedicated entrepreneurs to join our squad.

OrderAhead has an experienced team of Stanford, MIT, Princeton, and Michigan alumni with experience at Facebook, Groupon, McKinsey, and Morgan Stanley. We were recently featured in TechCrunch, NYTimes, Fast Company, WSJ, and The Verge.

Investors include: Adam D'Angelo, Eric Schmidt, Alexis Ohanian, and a few of the valley's best VCs.

As a Market Leader on the Merchant Growth team, you will seek out partnerships with local merchants, and help scale our business across the US. You will learn about launching, growing, and maintaining our markets as we aggressively expand our footprint.

The relationships you foster will directly impact our brand for years to come. Additionally, you'll learn how to sell - a skill that most people want, but don’t possess. Get ready to push yourself harder than you ever have before!

Why You Should Join: You will learn a ton about how startups work and grow. You will make a meaningful impact by helping us build a lasting company. You will have incredible growth potential within the company as we scale. You will foster everlasting relationships with industry-leading brands. You will work with a team of talented and self-motivated entrepreneurs willing to get the job done at all costs.

What We Look For: - CLOSERS - Intelligence - People skills - Determination - Entrepreneurs - Doers - Hustlers

Interested? Email the Director of Merchant Growth at dannyl@orderaheadapp.com. Please include your resume and tell us why you would like to join our team.

BONUS - email the Director of Merchant Growth a 30 second video of why YOU are the best candidate for this position

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